Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Favorites....

Friday Favorites is an idea I had where I will be sharing with you, some of my favorite bookish things. 

This weeks Friday Favorite is going to be a list of the things that I love most about reading. Counting down ten of my favorite things with pictures......

"Letting go of a good book is hard, but loving a book that much is one of the greatest things about reading"

"Sometimes you can get so swept away by a fantasy world that when you close the book, everything around you just makes you feel.... BLAH"

"That what you are reading isn't important as long as you are reading what you LOVE"

 "Finding new characters that immediately feel like family"

 "That total escape you feel while reading. No matter what is going on in your real life you can put it all away even if just for a little while"

 "When you find someone else who loves the characters of a book as much as you do"
 "When books are made into movies. We all line up to watch them so we can complain when the producers, screenwriter, and directors do it ALL wrong"

"When an author writes such a extraordinary story that you feel as though you are living it"

"Falling in LOVE"

"Over and Over again...."

Tell me what YOU love about books

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