Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Favorites......

Friday Favorites is an idea I had where I will be sharing with you, some of my favorite bookish things. 

This week I think I will do my favorite "make you melt" reads. We are talking *ahem* well you know!!!

I am gonna start with the most talked about book series of 2012. You either LOVE it or you hate it. Either way, You know what I am talking about.....

   I actually read this one before all the hype. Several of the woman in my online book club had read it and were recommending it like crazy. I almost did not read this for one reason..... FanFic. I usually shy away from anything to do with FanFic so as soon as I heard it was originally a Twilight fan fiction I said, "No Thanks". After expressing my concerns about the FanFic aspect I was assured that it was not anything like Twilight so I gave it a shot. 

   Having said all that I wanna be completely honest about something. I had NO CLUE what this series was about. Having heard how this series got it's start I thought.... *hides face*....I thought it was a vampire series. Don't laugh at me!! I was going on total faith, I didn't even read the book description. I put my complete trust in my girls and bought book one and started reading.......

    O,O  *blink*  O,O  *I can't look*   >.<  *ok, maybe I will peak*  o.- *I can do this*  O.O 
   Once I got past the initial shock of the, um....playroom, I was hooked. I fell in love with Christian and Ana's love story (YES, the book does have a STORY) and I was traveling along on the Fifty Shades bandwagon. This series led me to a couple more BDSM books and while they are not my favorite genre (TBH they kinda scare me a little) they are always pretty steamy. 

   Which leads to the next series.......

Cherise Sinclair's Shadowland series was another BDSM series that was highly recommended to me by some of my book club girls. I read this series back to back and OMG by the time I was done it was both HOT and overwhelming. For someone who is not really a huge fan of this genre, the back to back read was probably to much. But hands down if anyone asks me for a smoking hot book these are on the top of my recommendation list. 

    I love a dominate male. They make for the best books so if you are someone who also likes that dominance factor with a little less bondage and S/M check out this next series......

Gideon Cross is by far one of the hottest men.... fictional FICTIONAL men I met all year. These books are everything you loved about the fifty shade series minus the playroom. Book 3 Entwined with You was originally due out in December, but the release date has been pushed to May 2013. Major desk flip moment when I learned this news. Until then I will be waiting, and waiting and waiting.

The next choice may not be classified as erotica but they are, IMO, the hottest books EVER

The best series of hottness on the planet......... The Black Dagger Brotherhood!!!!

   What is better than one hot man.... how about LOTS of them. What is better than LOTS of hot men.... how about making them VAMPIRES. What is better than LOTS of hot VAMPIRE males.... hot vampire WARRIOR males. Add in a lot of smack talk, sarcasm, broken souls, action, suspense a smart mouth fallen angel and you have the recipe for AWESOME. And if all of that wasn't enough you have JOHN MATTHEW who I like to call MINE. :-) See check his book title, Lover MINE not Lover YOURS. MINE!!! My little claim staking will be met with lots of ROARING because it is highly HIGHLY argumentative.  However..... my blog..... my rules..... I win..... MINE :-) 

Don't forget Lover at Last releases March 2013!!!!

   Ok, maybe I am just a tad bit obsessed. Read them..... you will understand!!! 

I hope you like this weeks Friday favorites. If you have read these leave me a comment and let me know what you love (or hate) about them. And tell me what are your favorite steamy reads.

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  1. With you all the way on these...I too read the Grey series and fell in love with the STORY!! Ditto on Gideon and Eva. Distressed that Entwined with You will be delayed but then anticipation is part of the fun. As for the Black Dagger Brotherhood...hands down cannot be beat. I have read, re-read and am now listening to them all again. For the, well, who's-counting-time. I have recommended to friends who have scoffed initially and then read the first one and were hooked. Best EVER!!