Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Chistmas.....

Saying Merry Christmas by sharing my Favorite Christmas book....

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Letter to Daddy

   As I sit here watching you sleep, I wonder if these are my last moments with you. I have told myself I can handle it, all I want is for you to be at peace. But, I am selfish and I am not ready to say goodbye. I have thought that knowing it was coming would make it easier, I would be prepared. I was wrong!

   These last few months have been hard. Watching you, seeing how every little thing is such hard work. Things I take for granted you have to struggle to do. I wish there was some way to take all this pain and frustration away from you. To make your lungs take a full breath. To give you more time to watch your grandchildren grow.
 I know our days are numbered and I hope I have made you see how happy I am to be your daughter. I know when you get to heaven it will not be a sad time for you. You will be greeted with open arms. You will walk again without stumbling, you will breathe again without gasping. You will hold your son and your brothers and your parents just like you have longed to do for so many years. And somewhere up there I am sure there is a riverbank just waiting for you to stop by and do a little fishing with the loved ones you have missed so much.

  These are the things that will give me peace.

I love you Daddy

Friday, December 9, 2011

   The microwave dinged and he realized Phury was
 still waiting for an answer.
   Z put the food on a tray and grabbed some silver-
ware so he could feed her properly.
   As he turned and headed out of the room, he
murmured, "She is more beautiful than I have words
for." He lifted his eyes to Phury's. "And last night I
was blessed beyond measure to serve her."
  For some reason the brother recoiled in shock and
reached out. "Zsadist, your--"
 "I have to bring my nalla her food. I'll see you
 "Wait! Zsadist! Your--"
Z shook his head and kept on going.

Chapter 34 Lover Awakened by JR Ward.

   *Nalla-(adj) A term of endearment meaning "beloved."