Monday, November 12, 2012

Flesh by Kylie Scott

4.5 Stars

Ali has been hiding in an attic since civilization collapsed eight weeks ago.

When the plague hit, her neighbors turned into mindless, hungry, homicidal maniacs.

Daniel has been a loner his entire life. Then the world empties and he realizes that being alone isn't all it’s cracked up to be.

Finn is a former cop who is desperate for companionship, and willing to do anything it takes to protect the survivors around him.

When the three cross paths they band together; sparks fly, romance blooms in the wasteland and Ali, Daniel and Finn bend to their very human needs in the ruins of civilization.

Lust, love and trust all come under fire in Flesh as the three battle to survive, hunted through the suburban wastelands. click to order
**This story is rated "Hot" (4 out of 5 flames) and contains M/F/M and F/M pairings.**

   My thoughts; Wow, who knew the Zombie Apocalypse was gonna be so HOT???
My girls over at TwinsieTalk recommended this book to me. Angie J is a HUGE zombie fan and she told me it was an awesome read. Well being that I trust my girls wholeheartedly, I bought the book and started it ASAP.
  I feel I must say this before I start my review. I love Zombies, I have watched a bazillion Zombie movies going all the way back to "Night of the Living Dead" when I was a kid and my Mom thought I was sleeping. But what I was really doing was watching TV around the corner. Because obviously I was old enough to handle a classic horror movie that was playing on late night television. That being said, I have never read a zombie book. This was my very first! And I am so glad that I loved it as much as I did. Had I not loved it I may have completely gave up on the genre before I every really got started.

 When I started this book I was expecting it to kind of ease into the story. Wrong! It literally started with a bang and I was immediately hooked. There was not one dull moment from the time I started reading page one until I finished reading the last. These characters are fighting for survival and they will do whatever it takes to not only survive but protect each other.
   I found myself thinking, what would I do? Would I hide out and be afraid or would I fight to live? How would I feel if I were suddenly the only person left? And what would I do when I realized I wasn't?
   These are the same things that the characters are faced with. And really, being trapped in this horrible world all alone with these characters was one of the best places a book has taken me all year. I would gladly return to their world and live out the apocalypse with them side by side.
Or sadly.... as I am sure my future would pan out....I WOULD GET EATEN!!! 

NOW......... I have a surprise for you all!!! 

I spoke with Kylie by email when I finished reading Flesh and she very generously offered to give away a free eBook copy so all you have to do is check out the CONTEST tab at the top of this page or enter below... GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


  1. This book is awesome!!. I can't wait for book 2!!

  2. Ohhhh, I want to read a zombie apocalypse HOT story!!