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Sharing the Love.... Fate's Call #1

An Author friend of mine is doing a serial on her blog. She is posting a new peice each week, I highly recommend you stop by and check her out. She has a book due out early next year. It will be the first in her  King's Riders series, called Sword's Call. I can't wait :-)

C.A. Szarek Author: Fate's Call #1: So this is my serial that one of my Critique Partners aptly named Fate's Call. As were the last two letters of the Alphabet Game, this sto...

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Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready, teaser week 5 (last one!)

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How could I leave him to go back home? It scared me to need anyone so much. If our souls became inextricably tangled, would mine still be mine? Did I care?

Zachary leaned in, and I thought he was going to kiss me. Instead he pressed his cheek to mine and held it there. It felt more intimate than a kiss.

"What did you say to me before?" I asked him. "[...] In Gaelic."

He sat back and looked away. "Oh. That. There's no exact translation."

"But roughly?"

Zachary rubbed his lips, as if to keep them closed. "Naw, you'll think it's too much."

"Not possible."

His gaze came at an angle, slightly guarded but full of hope. "It means 'soul mate.'"

His words made my world spin faster. We weren't the type to believe in destiny or soul mates or anything that took away our choices. But sitting here, seeing the gazebo's glistening white lights dance in his eyes, I could believe in our magic.

*Note, all teasers posted here were copied from the authors blog. They are the sole property of the author.

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First Drop of Crimson by Jeanine Frost

4 Stars

(Night Huntress World book 1)

The night is not safe for mortals. Denise MacGregor knows all too well what lurks in the shadows—her best friend is half-vampire Cat Crawfield—and she has already lost more than the average human could bear. But her family's past is wrapped in secrets and shrouded in darkness—and a demon shapeshifter has marked Denise as prey. Now her survival depends on an immortal who lusts for a taste of her.

He is Spade, a powerful, mysterious vampire who has walked the earth for centuries and is now duty-bound to protect this endangered, alluring human—even if it means destroying his own kind. Denise may arouse his deepest hungers, but Spade knows he must fight his urge to have her as they face the nightmare together . . .

Because once the first crimson drop falls, they will both be lost. description

My Thoughts;  Anyone who reads my blog knows I love The Night Huntress series aka Cat and Bones. So to get a book based on side characters that I have already fallen in love with was AWEsome!! I am a latecomer to Jeaniene Frost and I am actually really glad. I don't have to wait. So many books have already been released and they are just there waiting for me. I know there are those who don't care for romance novels and if you are one of them then I dare you to read. These books are like romance novels without the "mushiness" (if that makes since). There is a storyline to every single one of them. Will you fall in love while reading? YES. Are there sexy times? YES. Is there way more to the story? Triple YES.

I already loved Denise before this book. She is Cat's best friend so the affection you feel while reading from Cat's POV is there. Spade aka Baron Charles DeMortimer, is Bones' best friend. I wasn't really sure how I felt about him before. He was kind of arrogant. And to me just a bit crude for my taste. My mind is officially changed! I love him. You finally learn his story and your heart bleeds for him. He and Denise have so much in common. And those shared experiences are what ultimately bring them together. I love the action, the take charge attitude that the females in these books have. They are not "sit on the sidelines" type of women, and I love that. They are there and they prove that it is not always the man who has to save the day.

I had originally planned to space these books out amongst some other series's but I think I have decided to just read away. I have a few books on my TBR list that I am awaiting release for and I will only pause for them. I will, however, try to space out my review posts so it isn't..."All Frost! All the time!" *winkies*

Happy Reading!! :-)

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Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost

4 Stars
(Night Huntress Book 4)

Her deadly dreams leave her in grave danger

Since half-vampire Cat Crawfield and her undead lover Bones met six years ago, they've fought against the rogue undead, battled a vengeful Master vampire, and pledged their devotion with a blood bond. Now it's time for a vacation. But their hopes for a perfect Paris holiday are dashed when Cat awakes one night in terror. She's having visions of a vampire named Gregor who's more powerful than Bones and has ties to her past that even Cat herself didn't know about.

Gregor believes Cat is his and he won't stop until he has her. As the battle begins between the vamp who haunts her nightmares and the one who holds her heart, only Cat can break Gregor's hold over her. She'll need all the power she can summon in order to bring down the baddest bloodsucker she's ever faced . . . even if getting that power will result in an early grave. description

My thoughts;  What if you woke up one morning and everything you thought you knew turned out to be wrong? Well that is exactly what happens to Cat in this installment of Night Huntress. Imagine waking up one morning from a recurring dream only to find out it really isn't a dream at all. And then find out that you have a big chunk of you memory missing. Others telling you about things that happened when you were a teenager but you have no recollection whatsoever.

The hurt I felt for Cat through this entire book was excruciating. She loves Bones with everything she has. And she believes he loves her just the same. But then things happen that make her start to doubt the very fiber of their relationship. And then it all becomes a battle between heart and mind. Her heart is pleading with her to feel what she knows to be true. While her brain is telling her to believe what is right in front of her eyes. When Cat turns to Vlad for help, he is exactly the friend she needs. He is kind and caring and there is a kinship that develops between the two that I am sure will be unbreakable. I said after the last book (when I first met Vlad) that I knew I would fall head over heels for him and I am true to my word.

As with any war there are causalities and I am sad to say it was someone I love deeply. I am not happy about it at all and I really wish that it had been written differently. It was truly heart wrenching to lose them. And the story will not be them same. Also, a major "holy cow" moment that will leave your jaw hanging toward your chest. A part of me saw it coming but the other part was shocked into a literal gasp. If you have not started this series I would recommend you do right away. While they may not have you stalking the bookstore for the next one in the series, they are most definitely worth the read.

Happy Reading!! :-)

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Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready, teaser week 4

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*Author's note

Backing up a bit first. Aura's in her room in Baltimore, Zachary's in his room in Glasgow. They're just a few weeks away from their rendezvous in Ireland, where they'll...solve some mysteries. And other stuff.

Forgive how raw and basic this is. This scene hasn't gone through editorial enhancements yet.

"Look," he said. "Don't think I expect us to--just because we'll have a room together doesn't mean we need to--"

"Yes, we do." I reached out to the screen to touch his lips. "I need to. With you."

"Oh." His eyelids went heavy. "Me, too.

My pulse pounded with a sudden craving for him. "I wish you were here right now."

Zachary's dark eyelashes flashed as he leaned in. "I am there right now." He lifted his hand to a spot below the camera. "Guess where I'm touching you?"

I held back a moan of frustration and gave him a wicked smile. "Here?" I fingered the top button of my pajama shirt.

He clicked his tongue. "What d'ye take me for, lass? I'll no' be groping you long-distance. Guess again."

I swept my hand over my neck. "Here?"

"You're getting warmer."

It was true--literally. I hoped he couldn't see me sweat at the thought of his hands on me.

I touched my cheek. "Here?"

"A bit warmer."

I smooshed the tip of my nose. "Here."

"Boiling hot."

I let my fingers drift down an inch, brushing my parted lips. "Here?" I whispered, though it came out "Heah?" because my tongue was frozen with tension, so I couldn't make the "r."

"Aye." He touched his fingers to his own lips, then reached for the camera. I did the same on my end, and for a moment, our virtual touch-kiss blotted out our views of each other.

Then he whispered, "We'd best get to sleep now. Not that I'll be able to."

For once I thought he meant for a good reason.

"I'll see you soon."

He nodded once. "And then 'Goodnight' won't be just another word for 'Goodbye.'"

*Note, all teasers posted here were copied from the authors blog. They are the sole property of the author.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

3 Stars
(Iron Fey Series book 4)

My name—my True Name—is Ashallayn’ darkmyr Tallyn. I am the last remaining son of Mab, Queen of the Unseelie Court. And I am dead to her. My fall began, as many stories do, with a girl… To cold faery prince Ash, love was a weakness for mortals and fools. His own love had died a horrible death, killing any gentler feelings the Winter prince might have had. Or so he thought.
Then Meghan Chase—a half human, half fey slip of a girl—smashed through his barricades, binding him to her irrevocably with his oath to be her knight. And when all of Faery nearly fell to the Iron fey, she severed their bond to save his life. Meghan is now the Iron Queen, ruler of a realm where no Winter or Summer fey can survive.
With the unwelcome company of his arch rival, Summer Court prankster Puck, and the infuriating cait sith Grimalkin, Ash begins a journey he is bound to see through to its end—a quest to find a way to honor his vow to stand by Meghan's side.
To survive in the Iron Realm, Ash must have a soul and a mortal body. But the tests he must face to earn these things are impossible. And along the way Ash learns something that changes everything. A truth that challenges his darkest beliefs and shows him that, sometimes, it takes more than courage to make the ultimate sacrifice. description

My Thoughts;  OK I am going to try and be gentle. I was a little disappointed in this book. I guess I expected more. Meh, to be honest I really can't give just one reason, it was more like a combo of several.

The first three in this series were, to me, a little more fast paced. I read them in entirety over a weekend. This book however took me almost all week. I almost feel as though I only finished it because I just wanted to know how it ends.However, this was never a series that I needed therapy over sooo...

The high points... I love the characters. If I had to choose I would definitely say I am TEAM PUCK. I am usually a sucker for the brooding man, but in this instance not so much. Ash is great and he clearly loves Meghan deeply but when someone from his past shows up he got a little wishy-washy for me. Puck on the other hand, no matter how awful Ash is/was to him, stays by his side. Puck considers Ash as his best friend and he would never let harm come to him in anyway given the choice. And this is all in spite of the fact that Ash has vowed to, one day, kill Puck. Grimalkin is as...hmm what is the word of Grim?? Self-righteous? Sarcastic? Egotistical? Narcissistic? I don't really care what we call him, he has a heart under all that fur. He has always been there to help this bunch out and get them through whatever they have gotten themselves into. He might grumble and complain but he is there just the same.

I am only giving this book a 3 star rating because it just didn't hold my attention. However, it was a great story and a perfect ending to this series. For those who are madly in love with the Iron Fey...I do not think they will be the least bit disappointed.

Happy Reading!! :-)

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At Grave's End by Jeaniene Frost

4 Stars

(Night Huntress book 3)

Some things won't stay buried . . . at grave's end

It should be the best time of half-vampire Cat Crawfield's life. With her undead lover Bones at her side, she's successfully protected mortals from the rogue undead. But though Cat's worn disguise after disguise to keep her true identity a secret from the brazen bloodsuckers, her cover's finally been blown, placing her in terrible danger.

As if that wasn't enough, a woman from Bones's past is determined to bury him once and for all. Caught in the crosshairs of a vengeful vamp, yet determined to help Bones stop a lethal magic from being unleashed, Cat's about to learn the true meaning of bad blood. And the tricks she's learned as a special agent won't help her. She will need to fully embrace her vampire instincts in order to save herself—and Bones—from a fate worse than the grave. description

My thoughts; I have to say I am really loving this series. Part of me wants to just sit down and read every single book back to back. And then the other part of me says, "No!! Drag it out! Savor it!" I think the former is winning the war at the moment.

I read book one and two of this series before I started my re-read of another series. As soon as the newest release in that series was devoured, I promptly returned to this one. This installment, while I don't feel lived up to the first two, was still amazing. I feel like the main characters are comfortable with where they are in their relationship with each other. That's not to say that there were not major potholes in their road called life. Trust me there are some doozies!

In this book, in edition to the main characters, we also have the side characters whom we have come to love throughout the first two books. Tate, who I have just a little bit of a soft spot for, along with the other fellows from her team. You have Annette, who I do not really care for, but I found myself warming to her in this story. Cat's Mom, what do I have nice to say about Cat's Mom??? OK, I am coming up blank. And several others that we know as well by now.

Then we have the newest addition to the story aka Vlad. I am loving him so far and I am pretty sure he will have me swooning before you know it.

There are actually two places in this book that had me wanting to stop and go no further. But I pressed on and I am glad I did. This series is definitely worth the read. I love that I find myself laughing even in a tense situation. Cat has a wonderful sense of humor. And her ability to joke about anything (even if it is only a thought in her own head) makes me really love her. She isn't afraid to say how she feels, even if it gets her into trouble. And she stands up for the people she loves. I would recommend this series to anyone (well anyone over the age of YA) they are a quick read and very easy to get in to.

Happy Reading!! :-) 

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Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready, teaser week 3

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*Author's note
(Note: the xxx's in the text are parts I had to redact to avoid spoilers/confusion.)

(Obligatory disclaimer: this is a relatively rough version. It hasn't even been line edited, much less copyedited or proofread. So it's likely to improve a ton before the final version.)

Setting: Hotel room, somewhere in Northern Ireland. December 22. Evening. Aura and Zachary have had a Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day


Zachary held still while I wound the bandage around his chest to cover the xxxxx xxxx.

Mostly still, anyway. After his fifth wince, he said, "Ever notice in the movies, the hero gets shot or stabbed and never even blinks, but when the beautiful girl is nursing his wounds, he can’t stop flinching?"

"That’s because of adrenaline. And Hollywood." My face warmed at his indirectly calling me "beautiful."

I pressed the last piece of tape onto his back, smoothing it against the gauze, then slid my fingers up and over the unbroken skin of his bare shoulder.

Zachary closed his eyes and breathed in deep. "Aura, d’ye think we could end this not-touching-each-other shite? It’s frankly killing me, as sure as any knife."

"Me, too."

I leaned forward to kiss him, but he slipped around me, tugging me out of the bathroom and toward the bed.

I stopped. "Wait. I still feel weird, after the xxxxxx, like xxxx’xx...xx me. Plus I’m kind of gross." I held up my other arm, still faintly blood-stained. "Maybe if I take a shower—"

He let go of my hand. "Go. Hurry."

"I’ll be quick."

"I’ll be waiting."

The hot water was just what I needed. Cascading over my scalp and shoulders, it chased away the last shadows of clamminess. I rested my palms against the sandy-tiled wall and let the flood caress the back of my neck, loosening the tension of the last twenty-four hours of—well, almost dying.

I’d been in the shower less than two minutes when a knock came at the door.

"Yeah?" I heard the door open. "Forget something?"

"Aye." A sliver of curtain peeled back, enough to show one of Zachary’s vibrant green eyes, dark with desire. "I forgot how hard it is to think of you in the shower."

I shifted back, the water now between us, blurring his image. "There’s not much room in here."

"Aye." He stepped inside, putting half his body under the spray. The lower half.

I lifted my hands. "Your bandage’ll get wet."

"Aye." He took my wrists and moved forward, pinning me against the hard, slick wall, arms above my head. Then he kissed me, settling himself fully under the stream of steaming water. Water that flowed from his once-forbidden skin onto mine, its path unbroken by air or space.

With my hands in his grasp and his name on my lips, I could believe that nothing—not even time itself—could tear us apart.

*Note, all teasers posted here were copied from the authors blog. They are the sole property of the author.

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Fifty Shades Freed by EL James

5+ Stars
(Fifty Shades Trilogy book 3)

When unworldly student Ana Steele first encountered the driven, damaged young entrepreneur Christian Grey, it sparked a sensual affair that changed both their lives irrevocably. Shocked, intrigued, and ultimately repelled by Christian’s singular sexual tastes, Ana demanded a deeper commitment; determined to keep her, Christian agreed. Now, together, they have more—love, passion, intimacy, wealth, and a world of infinite possibilities. But Ana always knew that loving her Fifty Shades would not be easy and being together poses challenges neither of them ever anticipated. Ana must somehow learn to share Christian’s opulent lifestyle without sacrificing her own integrity, identity, or independence; Christian must somehow overcome his compulsion to control and lay to rest the horrors that blighted his past and haunt his present. Just when it seems that together their love can conquer any obstacle, tragedy, malice and fate combine to make Ana’s worst nightmares come true. description
My thoughts; I am officially fifty shades of dissapointed that I have finished this series. I think if I am being honest that book 2 was my favorite but I love how this story came to an end. To see Christian content with his life to see him finally except the love that is given to him so freely from not just Ana but his family as well.

 When I started this series I had a hard time with Christian, I was drawn to him but at the same time I was really put off by him. But I found myself falling head over heels with him right along with Ana. Watching him grow and change as a human being, seeing him stand up to, what I refer to as "The Devil" Mrs. Robinson. To see how, although he feels like she helped him, what she did was wrong on so many levels. And to see him start to come to terms with his past. I loved seeing Ana learn to be who she is, not who she thinks he needs her to be. She is a strong woman and she loves him feircely. I'm really happy I read this series. I dont care how it came to be. It doesnt bother me in the least that is started as fanfic, it is not a fanfic story, I dont care about the controversy or the fact it has been called "Mommy Porn" it was a heart wrenching love story and I would read it again in a heart beat.

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Cinci 2012

JR Ward signing for Lover Reborn

Barnes & Noble in Cinci

March 31, 2012

I want to start out by saying, I have never been to a book signing of any kind. Had never really had a urge to go to one. BUT, can I just say that as soon as I got home I grabbed my bucket list scribbled in, "Go to JR Ward book signing" into the number one position and then promptly crossed it off. I can now pass unto the fade a happy girl!

To start my journey to Cinci I need to take you back in time several months. I got a recommendation for the Black Dagger Brotherhood series in early August of 2011. I said to myself, "Well, you don't have anything else to read so...why not?" I started with Dark Lover, which all true fans simply refer to as Wrath. I was so captivated that as soon as I finished, I downloaded book 2 Lover Eternal aka Rhage. Let me just say this, Rhage is not my favorite male but he is pretty awesome. So thus leads to my BDB obsession. I was (I think) reading Zsadist or Lover Awakened to the non-BDB savvy readers, when I saw that a facebook friend had "liked" JR Ward. So I clicked on over and "liked" it as well. Let me tell you it was like I had been living all my life with the wrong species and I suddenly found myself amongst my own kind. It was great!! I got aquainted with several of the girls and was later invited to their online book club and immediately I was surrounded by all these women who have such passion for books and I can obsess with for hours and they do not think I am even remotely strange, I was finally home.

  Fast forward to early March 2012, several of the girls were all discussing the signing and making the trip to Cinci and the more they would talk the more I wanted to go. It was eating me and so finally I said, "Let's do this!" I talked with a couple of the girls and I soon had everything worked out so the trip was possible. I had a room already reserved, Thank you Gloria!! I had a ride to the Barnes & Noble, Thank You Angie!! And I had my flight booked, Thank You!!! Then I had but to wait 3 weeks and..........

CINCI here I come!!!

My flight landed in Cinci around 2:30 pm and after the longest shuttle ride in history I was FINALLY at the hotel. The women from my book club who were staying at the same hotel met me down stairs an we all had a drink and talked BDB.
Pictured counter-clockwise; Alice, Me, Angie, Gloria, Michelle, Penny

 After lots and lots of laughter we head out to scope the B&N then have dinner. We go to a popular chain restaurant which shall remain nameless *coughRubyTuesday'scoughcough* at which we had the worst dinner experience of all time. Most of us ended up without having to pay which was great. Women who may or may not be packing black daggers can be dangerous *snickers* We returned to the hotel for showers and bed, it would be an early morning for the signing. Have to get in line early to get a spot, which was very evident later in the day. Upon coming out of the shower I noticed someone had joined me.....

Is that John Matthew in my bed?? Why yes it is my male :-)

 Try as I might I could not make my excited mind settle enough for sleep, so after lots of tossing and turning I was up and ready to go before the sun. We all met downstairs and headed off to B&N.

5 am in Cinci was just a bit nippy! And look who forgot her jacket. Brrrr
Pictured left to right; Amy, Gloria, Marjorie, Johna, Penny, Me and Angie

After we stood in line, freezing for a couple of hours we had our number and were off to find some breakfast....

IHOP anyone?
Pictured top left clockwise; Gloria, Amee, Chris aka Amee's Mom and Me
After a quick trip back to the hotel we were back to B&N to get in line....thank goodness. Due to the overwhelming turn-out JR started signing an hour early. There were so many there that she was unable to get every one's book signed. It was said that over 1000 people were in attendance.

 She arrived to mad house.....

And handled it like a champ......

After getting our books signed we headed back to where the Q&A would be held.

And then we all played around and had a little fun. While we waited for the signing to be over...

Me and the girls again

That Amee and Alice, always trying to keep me from John Matthew
 Soon it was time for the Q&A's time! An looky who is in the front row there on the end.... Me!!!

Getting ready, mic on and everything. But I kinda think she knew
we were anxiously awaiting the answer to THE question.

I wonder who it is..... Qhuinn and Blay..... AHH YAAAAY!!!
She is giving all the cred to her publisher for making it possible

 This was one of the most exciting things I have done in my lifetime. I really had a wonderful time. Many of the women I have gotten to know over the last several months were not only great, as I knew they would be but they were completely 100% awesome!! I am so lucky to have been able to share this experience with them.
Now I am going to take a few of my favorite questions from the Q&A and post them for you all to read.....

Question will be posted in bold with the answer in Italics

  •  Who's next?? Qhuinn and Blay (and the crowd goes wild)
  • What will the name of the book be? (her publisher would not let her say) It won't be Lover goes down. *laughs*
  • Why was there no mention of the bonding scent in Reborn? A male only bonds with one female. If he loses that female it doesn't mean he can't love another. But he will only ever bond with one. It doesn't mean he loves the new female any less only that the bonding only happens once.
  • Will the shadows get a book? Yes they will and there will be controversy over who Trez mates.
  • Will Layla and Xcor be together? What do you think?
  • When will we get the baby novella's? It will not be until after Quinn and Blay
  • Will Saxton get his HEA? She will not answer (reaction to question makes us feel like he will die) Then she says, You guys suck!! Well actually that is his job *laughs*
  • Where is Qhuinn's brother? She says the questions isn't WHERE but WHAT is Qhuinn's brother, then says we will see him again.
  • Coffin's in the closet, what's up with them? She said she thinks it is the original brothers brought over from the old country.
  • What about Lash? We will probably see him again
  • Will Qhuinn and Blay both get the other's name carved into their backs? She will not answer this  directly. She says that laws have to be rewritten and that Saxton is essentially writing the way for Qhuinn and Blay to be together.
  • Will Lassiter get his own book? Yes but she doesn't know if it will be a BDB or FA book.
  • What was your favorite scene in Reborn? She said she has several, one is when Lassiter is standing at the bar singing Or-gasm, Or-gasm. And also when Lassiter brings the Big Mac's at the end. And she likes that Tohr's HEA broke the traditional storyline.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready, teaser week 2

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Our hands lay a few inches apart on the balcony’s cold stone railing, but the distance might as well have been a few miles. That’s how hard it would be to join them. Because of what lay beyond.
But I spread my fingers wider, and he did the same, until the tip of my right pinky and the tip of his left pinky almost brushed. Almost.
The thick Irish mist seemed to fill my lungs, drowning me in fear and anticipation. I wasn’t sure what would kill me faster—touching Zachary or not touching him.
"Are y’hungry?" he finally asked in a low voice.
"No," I whispered, not looking up.

"Uh, yeah. No. I don’t know. Maybe." I risked a glance at him. "What’s there to drink?"

"Water from the tap?" He gave a short, hoarse laugh. "I dunno why I’m acting like a waiter."

I smiled, but looked away, down at the River Boyne, wishing it could lend me some of its silent silver serenity. "I don’t know, either."

"I suppose, now that you’re in my part of the world, it feels like you’re my guest, and I want to make you, em..."



I summoned every scrap of courage and turned to face him full on. "You do. You always..." My voice trailed off, because I’d run out of breath.
"Aura." Zachary drew his top lip between his teeth, then spoke to the stone surface just beyond my feet. "I’ve tried to think of what I’d say and what I’d do right now. How I could make it everything you want." With each quickening blink, his eyes shifted, never leaving the ground. "But then, I started to think it would never happen, that I’d never even see you again. And then every time I turned my mind to this moment, it went blank." His lashes lifted to let his gaze meet mine. "I couldn’t imagine a future that would be so kind to us."

My eyes burned with tears—of anger as much as sorrow or love. Whatever those bastards had done to him, the one thing I’d never forgive was the haunted look they’d put in his eyes.
"So I’m sorry," he continued, "if I’m no’ quite the most, em, smooth person when it comes to these things. I never did sort out what to say and do, how to get from here—" He pointed to the space between our feet. "—to there." He gestured behind him, toward the door, but at an angle. Toward the bed.
I took a shaky step forward, so that we almost touched. "You’re not the only one who can sort stuff out."

*Note, all teasers posted here were copied from the authors blog. They are the sole property of the author.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fifty Shades Darker by EL James

5 Stars
(Fifty Shades trilogy book 2)

Daunted by the singular sexual tastes and dark secrets of the beautiful, tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new career with a Seattle publishing house. But desire for Christian still dominates her every waking thought, and when he proposes a new arrangement, Anastasia cannot resist. They rekindle their searing sensual affair, and Anastasia learns more about the harrowing past of her damaged, driven, and demanding Fifty Shades. While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront her anger and envy of the women who came before her and make the most important decision of her life. Erotic, sparkling and suspenseful, Fifty Shades Darker is the irresistibly addictive second part of the Fifty Shades trilogy. description

  My thoughts; The first book had me holding my breath, this one has me gasping! I knew Christian was "swoon inducing" as stated in my Shades of Grey review, but WOW!! He is so much more. Ana is just what he needs, I wish she could see that. I want so much for him to see that he is worthy of her love. And Anastasia to see that he loves her and would love her even if he didn't have the darkness inside him. They are perfect for each other.
When he drops to his knees in front of her, my heart exploded!
I am completely and utterly in awe of this series, captivated all the way to my very soul. It takes an open mind to get through book one (well for me it did) but once you get there you can't escape. I hope anyone who reads this and has not started this series will give it a go. You will not be sorry.
Happy Reading!! :-)

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Lover Reborn by JR Ward (Review)

5+ Stars
(Black Dagger Brotherhood series book 10)

Ever since the death of his shellan, Tohrment has been unrecognizable from the vampire leader he once was. Physically emaciated and heartbroken beyond despair, he has been brought back to the Brotherhood by a self-serving fallen angel. Now, fighting once again with ruthless vengeance, he is unprepared to face a new kind of tragedy.

When Tohr begins to see his beloved in his dreams—trapped in a cold, isolated netherworld far from the peace and tranquillity of the Fade—he turns to the angel in hopes of saving the one he has lost. But because Lassiter tells him he must learn to love another to free his former mate, Tohr knows they are all doomed....

Except then a female with a shadowed history begins to get through to him. Against the backdrop of the raging war with the lessers, and with a new clan of vampires vying for the Blind King’s throne, Tohr struggles between the buried past and a very hot, passion-filled future…but can his heart let go and set all of them free?

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      My Thoughts; This was the first book in this series that I have had to wait for, anticipate, pine over, cry myself to sleep because I couldn't have it (ok, I just fell overboard on that one). Ok now for the serious biz!

 I was really scared to read this book. I mean literally sick to my stomach anxious. I fell head over heels for Wellsie early on in this series. Not just because she was Tohr's shellan but for several reasons; she was a strong woman. She could command a room if need be and she could make this warrior that she is mated to stutter and end up just saying, "yes dear". She took in John Matthew and the first day he was there he was, to her, already her son. She loved him as a mother should even before she ever met him. As the reader, losing her was hard. To take losing her through the characters eyes was heart wrenchingly unbearable. I was not ready to see Tohrment with another female. I wasn't ready to see John having to essentially watch another person try to feel Wellsie's place. I was mad because I don't understand how others were given second chances and she wasn't. Bottom line...I, ME, MYSELF, was not ready to let her go. And a part of me never will. I will always wish it had played out differently.

 Although Tohr will never forget Wellsie, he was able to let her go and he was able to share his heart with another. I don't think this story could have wrapped up in a more perfect way. No'One came back into his life at the right time. I don't think Tohr would have ever been able to move on if he had not had his time to, not only hit rock bottom, but tunnel through it straight into his own personal hell. He had to be able to grieve his shellan in his way. I did feel like he was pushed into his relationship with No'One and for that I am a little, meh! But, in the end I am completely happy with the way Ward wrote this book. It brought a bit of peace to my heart over losing Wellsie just as it did the characters.

Ok, now I want to say a little about the "side stories" that are going on.

I am not, I repeat NOT a Xhex fan. Have not been since the beginning. Even when I came to grips with her in Love Mine, I never came to really like her. But I can tolerate her. I just get so mad at her. Why does John always have to be the one who compromises, what has she given up for him? She wants him to except she is a fighter and she can handle herself, well why can't she except that he is a bonded male and it is in his nature to want to protect her. She just really makes me grrrrrrrrr sometimes!!

B.o.B-----No comment at this time. (yeah right, when have I ever NOT commented) I don't know how I feel about them yet. One minute I am hating the very ground they walk on and the next minute Xcor is all sad and vulnerable. Then the next he has done/ordered someone to do something that makes me want to jump into the book and dagger him right in the eye!!! Then he is back to pulling my heart strings in the next minute, dang my indecisive ways.

Lassiter is as always a mystery. But it was confirmed that Lassiter will eventually have his own book. It is yet to be determined whether or not it will be done as a BDB book or part of the Fallen Angel series.

And last but not least, Qhuinn and Blay...... well I think I will just say this for those who didn't hear the roar of the crowd...... THEY ARE NEXT!!!!!!! I am so excited to finally get to see these two have their HEA.

Happy Reading!! :-)