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Blog Tour: Stubborn Love - Review plus Excerpt

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Release Date: June 22, 2013

5 Stars

Even a broken heart has trouble resisting a Stubborn Love. Emmie Hayes loved the beautiful Ashton Stirling deeply; nobody could deny that. She had given him her youth, and all he gave in return was misery and pain. She was ready for a new beginning, but Ashton wasn’t about to let her go so easily, even if it meant destroying both their lives in the process. Three years later Emmie convinces herself she is ready to leave all of that heartbreak in the past and find a little piece of normal for herself. She heads to New York City to pick up where she left off, determined to finish art school. Emmie is determined to focus on school and not let anything distract her, but life has a way of throwing curveballs. Paige, Emmie’s new roommate, brings Colin Bennett into her life. His smoldering eyes and lean muscular body are difficult for any girl to ignore. Only thing is, Emmie isn’t any girl. Her past makes her resistant to his charms. Colin isn’t one to give up easily, and just when he thinks he may have found a way to her stubborn heart, her tragic history may have found a way to tear them apart.


Ashley's Thoughts; Ok, first of all, WOW! From the prologue to the last sentence of the last chapter, Stubborn Love is wonderful! Now don't take my lack of vocabulary as a draw back. My wonderful is everything you want to do find in a good book and more. It's a fabulous portrayal of how "love" can go horribly wrong, and how someone can find true love after everything that can go wrong actually does. Author, Wendy Owens, tells this tale so eloquently, it seems real. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! 

“Are you all right?” he asked, staring at me as if he were inspecting me for damages.
“Umm—“ Really? Umm, is all you can come up with? I internally scolded myself.
Instead of delivering an intelligent line, I stared blankly. The man was gorgeous in a rugged and mischievous way. His eyes were dark, his stubble just beginning to show, his jawline wide and strong, a dimple on one cheek. He kept his chestnut hair trimmed tight on the sides, but the top slightly messed. I’m not sure what came over me in that moment, but I lifted a single hand and fell forward, using his firm chest to catch myself.
What was I doing? I had now succumbed to groping a complete stranger.
“You seem lightheaded, come sit,” he followed up, taking my arm and leading me to a nearby stone column, the perfect height for sitting.
Yeah, lightheaded! I thought. I decided I’d run with that. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me—“
“Stryker,” the man said, as if spewing some sort of cryptic code at me.
“Pardon me?” I asked.
“My name … it’s Stryker. William Stryker, but all my friends call me Stryker.”
I’m not sure what possessed me to say the next thing that came out of my mouth. I blame Paige. Somehow, in a short amount of time she had managed to corrupt me. “Well, since we’re strangers what should I call you?” In my mind I kept thinking Mr. Sexy Pants seemed appropriate.
“What?” he asked, a puzzled look on his face.
I couldn’t even deliver the line correctly. “I just meant—since I don’t know you, we’re not friends, and therefore I can’t call you Stryker, what should I call you instead?”
Yup, I had actually managed to make it worse.
“Well, how about you call me Stryker, too?”
“Sounds good,” I replied, giving up on being clever.
“What’s your name?” he asked, handing me my phone.
“Clementine,” I answered, smiling. He didn’t react the way people normally did to my name. I usually got an, ‘Oh, isn’t that unique.’ The best, of course, were the ones who joked, ‘Didn’t your mom love you?’ Instead he just nodded.
“Well, I hope to see you around, Clementine,” he added, turning and walking toward the entrance to the school.

“Thanks,” I called out after him, like a complete dork. What had gotten into me? It was like I had never seen a hot guy before. Apparently all of the guys in New York were hotties, but that was beside the point. I wasn’t interested in men, even if they did make me lose temporary control of my senses. I was there to get my degree and that’s it—nothing else. Certainly nothing that would involve sexy men.

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About the Author

 Wendy Owens was raised in the small college town of Oxford, Ohio. After attending Miami University, Wendy went on to a career in the visual arts.
After several years of creating and selling her own artwork, she gave her first love, writing, a try. Since 2011, she has published a young adult paranormal series, The Guardians, which will contain five books total, as well as a novella. Wendy now happily spends her days writing—her loving dachshund, Piper, curled up at her feet. When she's not writing, she can be found spending time with her tech geek husband and their three amazing kids, exploring the city she loves to call home: Cincinnati, OH. Stubborn Love is her debut New Adult novel. Only In Dreams, the second book in this series, is set to be released December 2013.

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