Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ashley's Thoughts: Soldier Boy (Tales of Pandora) by KD Mclean

3 Stars

When ‘That Guy’, comes along, it doesn’t mean you’re ready. When ‘That Guy’ comes along, he can scramble your mind. NANCY BARTON, M.D. is 39. She’s single, and… used to it. Training to become a doctor didn’t allow for entanglements. She deferred. Which became reserve. Which hardened after her one relationship dwindled to its end. Now they call her ‘Ice Queen’. Which is a laugh. ‘Doctor Ice Queen’ relishes intense passion. She is known as ‘Mistress Nancy’, a respected Dominatrix at the adult club PANDORA’S. Her two lives never touch, though. Both lives are kept private. It’s not perfect. What is, anyway? She rarely longs for the what will never be’s- the picket fence, the star struck love… hell, she’s too old for kids anyway. It’s fine.
So what do you do when ‘That Guy’ walks into your life? ‘That Guy’, that TERRY CARPENTER. That war vet. Mind scrambling cute, dammit. With his own cravings and qualities that fit into yours like the solution to a jigsaw puzzle. Starry eyed over you despite your efforts to keep him at arm’s length. What the hell do you do when such a man walks into your life? And drops to his knees?

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Ashley's Thoughts; Soldier Boy is a protracted tale of love trying to find its way. Nancy, who never mixes business and pleasure, gets her world turned upside down by a wayward soldier. Terry is lost in his PTSD when he finally finds somewhere to fit in. When they meet, it's love at first sight. With hiccups along the way, they have to figure out how to love. Book two in the Pandora series will have you entwined.  

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