Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: The Devil Wants a China Doll by Azure Boone

4 Stars

   Rone Kreed wants Sheeku in every way imaginable. Which is kind of impossible when possessed with a demon who devours souls with a kiss and spreads eternal damnation through his seed. But Sheeku has a power that protects her from the demon's sadistic intoxicant, tempting Rone to play ever closer to the fires of her innocent, yet demanding desires. When he learns that protecting her from her sadistic mafia family will require his hand in marriage, exorcism becomes imperative. Because he's one sweet beg away from surrendering to the woman he's fallen in love with, and giving the demon her angelic soul.

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   My Thoughts; I had the privilege of meeting this author through a friend of mine. I read one of her short stories and I immediately knew I wanted to read more. My girl Amee, or "Frenemy" as she is known by me (long story, lol) had read several of her books and said this was a MUST read. She said she had read nothing like it before. I am going to have to agree. While I am sure there are other books out there that may be similar, for me this was a unique experience.

   When I first started reading I was so confused. I felt like the author had left me hanging and I needed another chapter in front of the beginning to explain to me what is going on here. But the more I read I started to understand that's what is intended. Rone himself is confused and since you are reading from his POV he passed that confusion on to you. To be sure I was on the right track, I expressed my confusion to Azure and she said, "You're just supposed to be figuring as much out as you can with Rone, your guess is as good as his!"

  Sheeku is such a mystery. The book leaves you with so many theories and and questions. I can't wait to find how WRONG all of my theories are. I suck at theories lol. Rone is totally yummy. I love his personality, he is so serious but also wants to be playful. And totally protective of those he loves. He has alpha male written all over him but he holds himself back, because he is afraid. This book has lots of twists and turns.
When one question is answered at least two more are there to take it's place. I look forward to book 2 in this series. Release day is set for January 2013, exact date has not been announced.

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  1. this sounds great....will have to check it out! thanks!