Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Book Junkie's Vacation.....

   A few weeks ago I decided to take a little Blogcation to get through the holidays and also because the family was taking a trip up to Washington state to spend a week with my brother and his family.

   After this week it is pretty safe to say that I have reached a new level of insanity. If I had not been so embarrassed to wear my geek out on my sleeve you would see massive amounts of pictures of me posing in front of so many bookish landmarks. But as it were I stuck to google maps to show me just how close I was to a few well known places. And it has now occurred to me that while I was embarrass to show my geek to the ones I love the most I am more than willing to share it with all of the internet...... maybe I didn't think this through completely.

 Day one.... Arriving

   As we were approaching Sea-Tac airport in Seattle I glance out my window and see..... The Space Needle!!! I was like squeeeee then realized that I couldn't turn on my phone to take a pic. I considered being a rebel and doing it anyway but I did not want to be held responsible if the plane crashed.

     I can see the headlines now......
What? YES I did!! I made the newspaper "The Daily Prophet",  what did you expect??

Day Three..... Gone fishing

     I LOVE to fish. I am not one of those girly girls either that can't bait a hook. No way I am all in. Well unless the bait is something totally gross like a cricket then no, I am not touching that!!! Anyway, on day three my brother, nephew, husband and I all set out to parts unknown, to me, to go Black Mouth fishing. When we arrive at the boat dock what do I see? A sign that say Port Angeles, I immediately think, "Hmmm, maybe we should be shopping for dresses?" Then I came back to reality and pulled out my phone and you guessed it google told me how close I was to Forks.

    We had a great time out on the boat, we didn't catch anything because of technical difficulties but I had a blast and the view was spectacular.....


Day four..... Snow day

    We live in southern Mississippi so my kids have never seen snow. Well, they have seen snow, but I mean real snow, the kind you could build an actual snowman with, a snowman who is taller than 6 inches. ;) We made our way up Mt Rainier toward Paradise. We then had to turn around because the snow was coming down fast and the little park ranger dudes insisted we needed chains blah blah blah.

    So we start back down the mountain and find another spot that was off the beaten path and took the kids (and my husband lol) sledding.

As we are walking around what do we find? Wolf tracks....

 Yep Jacob must have just passed through *snickers*

Day five..... Squidding

   We took my youngest son squid jigging and he had a blast. This was our second time to go since we got here but they caught more than the first time. It was super cold so we headed back pretty quickly. While changing into warm clothes and attempting to defrost my toes I decided to once again get out my google map and see how close to a few other bookish places we were.

Mr. Grey was not far away, as you can see.

Psssst.............. my Sis in Law was reading Fifty Shades while we were there :-) yay!!

Then I had to search my most favorite bookish Seattle landmark. It is where we first meet Kellan Kyle, it is the best of the best of all bookish locations..............

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *sobs uncontrollably* You do exist!!! I know you do!! Google is mistaken, I know it doesn't seem possible but surely it can happen, right? RIGHT??


Day six was spent on the couch nursing a cold that decided to appear. We had family night, watched a movie and I got depressed knowing our vacation was coming to an end. I had an absolutely fabulous time. This is the first trip for me up to my Brother's house and I hope it is just the first of many to come. And maybe next time I will hit all the bookish places we all wish we could go.

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