Friday, July 20, 2012

Masters of the Shadowlands Series by Cherise Sinclaire

  So I began reading this series last week. To be completely honest this was a series I wasn't really all that interested in. I have mentioned before that BDSM weirds me out a little. Well, maybe weirds is the wrong word, lets use scares. Yes, that is much better. I have read a couple of BDSM books and they were all pretty great but it just isn't a genre that I am drawn too.
My online book group had the opportunity to have the author stop by for a chat. Not wanting to be left out I said I would read the first one and see how I felt about it before continuing.

  So I set out to find Club Shadowlands (book 1) aka Master Z. After reading book one I was hooked and I immediately started Dark Citadel (book 2) aka Master Dan and there was no turning back. I read each consecutive book back to back to back. *see complete series list below

  My emotions were all over the place reading this series. It challenged me to have an open mind, it surprised me with some of the things that I found ... er, interesting. Even when I was reading with one eye closed or cringing at the thought of something I still couldn't stop. I have heard excellent things about other book by Sinclaire, and I can't wait to try them out.
 I will also be impatiently waiting for more from this series. 
Here is this series in order;
Club Shadowlands -- Master Z
Dark Citadel -- Master Dan
Breaking Free -- Master Nolan
Lean on Me -- Master Cullen
Make me, Sir -- Master Marcus
To Command and Collar --, I mean... Master Raoul *bashful grin*

Each book is linked to its goodreads page. Click to read a detail description of each book.

I really hope you enjoy this series but please remember this is an erotic series and it is definitely hardcore. If you would have a problem with that I would not recommend. But if you are a brave little subbie and would like to venture into a little bit of fantasy. I am going to strongly suggest you give this one a try.

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