Friday, July 13, 2012

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I am in the process of reading the Shadowland series by Cherise Sinclaire. I have decided to do a series review as opposed to a book by book review. When I read a series back to back to back I always feel as though I repeat the same thing over and over. I am currently on book five "Make Me, Sir", which is centered around Master Marcus. I have, up to this point loved every single book. Even when I have been shaking in my boots I am still in love. I don't think Master Marcus is going to let me down. I am really starting to think he could become my favorite Dom.

Check out for more on Shadowlands and her other series' She can also be found on Goodreads

**This is an erotic series based in a BDSM club. It features very explicit sex. I would not recommend to anyone who is freaked out by such things. But if you would not mind a little variety with your fantasy I definitely recommend jumping in with both feet.  My review will be up next week.

Happy Reading!! :-)

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