Friday, June 15, 2012

Eden by Jamie McGuire

5 Stars
(Providence series book 3)

She had seen the unspeakable. She would learn the unknowable. Now, she would fight the invincible. In the third and final installment of the Providence series, Nina Grey will marry the wrong man, carry the child that was never supposed to be born, and fight a war she can't win. Faced with the impossible task of protecting his new wife and unborn child against the throes of Hell, Jared Ryel is allowed no mistakes. Pressured to return the Naissance de Demoniac to Jerusalem, he revisits St. Ann's to learn the answers were in front of him all along. Together, they must survive long enough to let their child save them - and the world. description

My Thoughts;  (O_O)   *blink*    (O_O)   *blink-blink*   (O_O)


Book 1 = Very good

Book 2 = Even BETTER

Book 3 = AAAAAAAAAAWWWWEsome!!!!!

Wow, I really don't know what to say. How do you describe something that has your heart pounding one minute and breaking the next? How do you describe the love these characters feel for each other and in turn you feel for them? Quite simply, you can't. I knew before I started this book that I would love it. I had already fell deeply in love with the characters and the story. Jared has such a way with words. His wedding vows alone had me looking crossways at my "romantically impaired" husband. 

I knew that things were going to get crazy and I was ready. What I was not prepared for was the book completely surpassing my expectations. The story had a really good flow and kept me on the edge of my seat and quite frequently biting my nails. (seriously, I had to give myself a mani when I finished) The actions scenes were plentiful and very well written. I could picture it in my head as if I were watching it play out right before my eyes. I can't say I was happy with everything that happened and that I wish some things had turned out differently but I am extremely happy with my decision to read this series.

I do have one major complaint.... and if Jamie McGuire happens to read this I would like her to know that I am very, VERY upset about this!!  Ok, here goes..............

WHY did Bex have to be so young?? UGH, I had to keep reminding myself he was just kid. I would keep finding myself getting all crushy and my inner voice would scold me. Bad Selena, very very bad!! HE IS ONLY 13 (going on 14)!!!!! Hahahaha ok so it isn't even really a complaint but I just had to throw it in there. *winkies*

Happy Reading!! :-)


  1. I just re-read Beautiful Disaster and loved it even more than the first time! The trilogy is planned for next week. Thanks for inspiring me to read it (earlier than I have planned ;-) cheers, marion

    1. You are quite welcome!! Jamie very quickly moved her way in to my top fav list. She is awesome :)