Monday, June 17, 2013


So as some of you may know by now I am 100% completely in love with Jesse Ward. I am pretty sure that I should seek therapy. I realized this little fact the day my husband told me to (and I quote) "Watch your mouth!" it sorta turned me into a mushy pile of goo

 So yes, I am almost certain that Jesse has trampled my heart. I know that not everyone will swoon at his totally overbearing and completely unreasonable ways but I am smitten with The Lord of the Manor and I can not wait for the finale book in this trilogy. However, I will probably be inconsolable for a long long while. *sigh* I never want it to end. 

Now for the reason behind this post. Starting Tuesday June 18th I will be counting down the final 14 days til release day of   This Man Confessed (This Man Trilogy)

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