Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Countdown to This man Confessed ... 13 Days

One thing I loved about This Man when I began reading was the fact that I found myself laughing out loud at Ava's inner monologue. It might just be a simple phrase but I would always, always laugh..... I happen to love her very much. As the heroine of the story I did have my moments with her that I wanted to shake her and say "GET WITH THE PROGRAM LADY" ( ^_^ Jesse likes to say Lady *swoon* ) but for the most part I feel she is very well matched with Jesse. I have read reviews that call her weak, saying she needs to grow a backbone and stand up to Jesse. Well the whole time I was reading I felt the complete opposite. If she would just give into to a few of his little quirks he wouldn't have to trample....... On second thought, don't do that Ava I kinda like it when Jesse tramples. Oh who am I kidding I LOVE IT!!!!

 I’m beginning to wish that my handbag contents consisted of spare knickers, a blind fold, ear plugs and some armor. I might have been more prepared. 
- Ava, This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

13 Days!!! Jesse is just a One-click Away

Links to book one This Man and book two Beneath This man 

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