Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Guy by Liz Reinhardt

5+ Stars

(A Youngblood Book)

Evan Lennox is going nowhere fast.

She's living with her grandparents after her parents bailed on her, she got kicked out of her posh private school, her ex-boyfriend proved to be the biggest sleaze imaginable, her former best friend is a back-stabber, and her current best friend is stuck in backwoods NJ. To top it all off, one teeny, tiny fire she lit to burn some memories of her ex goes a little out of control and winds up igniting a good piece of a very powerful family's pecan orchard.

Evan lands her pampered behind in court and gets sentenced to community service. Which she knows she deserves. But the hard labor and humiliation may be her undoing.

Until she meets Winchester Youngblood on the site.

Everything about him is tricky, confusing, not at all what it seems, and so sexy, Evan can't resist pulling closer. But every step she takes to get to know him gives her more of a reason to back up and put him as far out of life as she possibly can. Because Winch is one hundred percent complicated, and Evan isn't looking for that. At all. She needs to meet a nice, responsible guy, not share searing kisses with the charming hustler she met after they both got sentenced in court.

But Winch is so much more than what he seems, and Evan finds out that she's falling hard for the guy everyone underestimates and writes off. And Winch realizes that Evan is the one person who's ever challenged him to ask for more out of his life, and her courage inspires him to try to be the person she sees when she looks at him. With every single odd stacked against them, Evan and Winch need to find out whether they have what it takes to fall for each other. description

   My Thoughts; I have been mulling over how to write this review all day. My mind is off in all kinds of directions. I loved this book and I am having a hard time putting it into words.

   So any of you who have read the Brenna Blixen series by Liz Reinhardt should be familiar with Evan. We first meet her when Bren goes to Ireland. Evan is the girl with the giant personality that everyone loves. She seems fearless and reckless and you just wanna be her friend. Which is exactly what Brenna does, she becomes her best-friend. I was so excited when I found out that Evan's book was being written.

   When Winch enters the picture things get a little 'complicated'. Evan is drawn to him and he to her but he is fighting it tooth and nail. 
   I love that Evan decides what she wants and goes for it. She loves hard and with her whole heart. True love deserves nothing less! She is wise beyond her years. She has had a rough life having been blessed with, quite possibly, the worst parents ever. Watching her put her heart on the line over and over again just to prove that she doesn't give up was the greatest thing ever. This will go on my list of top reads of the year.

   *Note; If you have not read the Brenna Blixen series, please do not feel like you have to read it in order for this book to make sense. Not at all, this was a totally new book that just happen to have characters whom we have already met. If you would like to check out my review of the Brenna Blixen please see the following links;

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