Friday, August 17, 2012

Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec

5+ Stars

Claire is a twenty-something, single mom that grudgingly helps her best friend sell sex toys while she attempts to make enough money to start her own business to give her foul-mouthed, but extremely loveable (when he's asleep) toddler a better life.  
When Carter, the one-night-stand from her past that changed her life forever, shows up in her hometown bar without any recollection of her besides her unique chocolate scent, Claire will make it a point that he remembers her this time.  
With Carter's undisguised shock at suddenly finding out he has a four-year-old son and Claire's panic that her stretch marks and slim to none bedroom experience will send the man of her dreams heading for the hills, the pair will do whatever they can to get their happily ever after. description

Warning: contains explicit sex, profanity and enough sarcasm to choke a horse.

My thoughts before reading; I have heard really great things about this book. Oh and, I just love when the description on Amazon has a little "warning" at the bottom hahaha........
My After thoughts;  If laughter is the best medicine I think I may have just laugh myself into good health for the rest of the year. This book was Fan-effn-tastic! I started laughing on page two and could not stop. At some point around 1 am, I was lying in bed laughing at Carter having an anxiety attack in the middle of the children's section of the library. You know that uncontrollable laugh that you try and stop but just can't so you end up snorting and your side suddenly starts to ache?? Ya that was pretty much me.
  The story line was great as well. A lot of authors would have taken this idea and turned it into a sobfest but instead Sivec wrote it with such wit and sarcasm and flat out hilarity. This has most definitely made it on my list of most recommended books.

On a side note.... people who do not have kids will really enjoy this book. People who do will be ROTFL, wait I think more key-smashing is in order, they will be ROTFLTMFAO. Go... Go read it!!!

Happy Reading!! :-)

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