Friday, April 27, 2012

Sharing the Love.... Fate's Call #1

An Author friend of mine is doing a serial on her blog. She is posting a new peice each week, I highly recommend you stop by and check her out. She has a book due out early next year. It will be the first in her  King's Riders series, called Sword's Call. I can't wait :-)

C.A. Szarek Author: Fate's Call #1: So this is my serial that one of my Critique Partners aptly named Fate's Call. As were the last two letters of the Alphabet Game, this sto...

For more from C.A Szarek check out her "Pieces of Me" section on her blog.

C.A. Szarek Author
you can also find her on facebook and Goodreads


  1. Thanx for the mention, Selena! I really appreciate it! I hope everyone that checks me out likes my serial!

    1. I love it!! I am posting one a week until you finish. I am a few weeks behind your posting though so I hope anyone who likes reads the rest right away. And you are totally welcome btw :-)