Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cinci 2012

JR Ward signing for Lover Reborn

Barnes & Noble in Cinci

March 31, 2012

I want to start out by saying, I have never been to a book signing of any kind. Had never really had a urge to go to one. BUT, can I just say that as soon as I got home I grabbed my bucket list scribbled in, "Go to JR Ward book signing" into the number one position and then promptly crossed it off. I can now pass unto the fade a happy girl!

To start my journey to Cinci I need to take you back in time several months. I got a recommendation for the Black Dagger Brotherhood series in early August of 2011. I said to myself, "Well, you don't have anything else to read so...why not?" I started with Dark Lover, which all true fans simply refer to as Wrath. I was so captivated that as soon as I finished, I downloaded book 2 Lover Eternal aka Rhage. Let me just say this, Rhage is not my favorite male but he is pretty awesome. So thus leads to my BDB obsession. I was (I think) reading Zsadist or Lover Awakened to the non-BDB savvy readers, when I saw that a facebook friend had "liked" JR Ward. So I clicked on over and "liked" it as well. Let me tell you it was like I had been living all my life with the wrong species and I suddenly found myself amongst my own kind. It was great!! I got aquainted with several of the girls and was later invited to their online book club and immediately I was surrounded by all these women who have such passion for books and I can obsess with for hours and they do not think I am even remotely strange, I was finally home.

  Fast forward to early March 2012, several of the girls were all discussing the signing and making the trip to Cinci and the more they would talk the more I wanted to go. It was eating me and so finally I said, "Let's do this!" I talked with a couple of the girls and I soon had everything worked out so the trip was possible. I had a room already reserved, Thank you Gloria!! I had a ride to the Barnes & Noble, Thank You Angie!! And I had my flight booked, Thank You!!! Then I had but to wait 3 weeks and..........

CINCI here I come!!!

My flight landed in Cinci around 2:30 pm and after the longest shuttle ride in history I was FINALLY at the hotel. The women from my book club who were staying at the same hotel met me down stairs an we all had a drink and talked BDB.
Pictured counter-clockwise; Alice, Me, Angie, Gloria, Michelle, Penny

 After lots and lots of laughter we head out to scope the B&N then have dinner. We go to a popular chain restaurant which shall remain nameless *coughRubyTuesday'scoughcough* at which we had the worst dinner experience of all time. Most of us ended up without having to pay which was great. Women who may or may not be packing black daggers can be dangerous *snickers* We returned to the hotel for showers and bed, it would be an early morning for the signing. Have to get in line early to get a spot, which was very evident later in the day. Upon coming out of the shower I noticed someone had joined me.....

Is that John Matthew in my bed?? Why yes it is my male :-)

 Try as I might I could not make my excited mind settle enough for sleep, so after lots of tossing and turning I was up and ready to go before the sun. We all met downstairs and headed off to B&N.

5 am in Cinci was just a bit nippy! And look who forgot her jacket. Brrrr
Pictured left to right; Amy, Gloria, Marjorie, Johna, Penny, Me and Angie

After we stood in line, freezing for a couple of hours we had our number and were off to find some breakfast....

IHOP anyone?
Pictured top left clockwise; Gloria, Amee, Chris aka Amee's Mom and Me
After a quick trip back to the hotel we were back to B&N to get in line....thank goodness. Due to the overwhelming turn-out JR started signing an hour early. There were so many there that she was unable to get every one's book signed. It was said that over 1000 people were in attendance.

 She arrived to mad house.....

And handled it like a champ......

After getting our books signed we headed back to where the Q&A would be held.

And then we all played around and had a little fun. While we waited for the signing to be over...

Me and the girls again

That Amee and Alice, always trying to keep me from John Matthew
 Soon it was time for the Q&A's time! An looky who is in the front row there on the end.... Me!!!

Getting ready, mic on and everything. But I kinda think she knew
we were anxiously awaiting the answer to THE question.

I wonder who it is..... Qhuinn and Blay..... AHH YAAAAY!!!
She is giving all the cred to her publisher for making it possible

 This was one of the most exciting things I have done in my lifetime. I really had a wonderful time. Many of the women I have gotten to know over the last several months were not only great, as I knew they would be but they were completely 100% awesome!! I am so lucky to have been able to share this experience with them.
Now I am going to take a few of my favorite questions from the Q&A and post them for you all to read.....

Question will be posted in bold with the answer in Italics

  •  Who's next?? Qhuinn and Blay (and the crowd goes wild)
  • What will the name of the book be? (her publisher would not let her say) It won't be Lover goes down. *laughs*
  • Why was there no mention of the bonding scent in Reborn? A male only bonds with one female. If he loses that female it doesn't mean he can't love another. But he will only ever bond with one. It doesn't mean he loves the new female any less only that the bonding only happens once.
  • Will the shadows get a book? Yes they will and there will be controversy over who Trez mates.
  • Will Layla and Xcor be together? What do you think?
  • When will we get the baby novella's? It will not be until after Quinn and Blay
  • Will Saxton get his HEA? She will not answer (reaction to question makes us feel like he will die) Then she says, You guys suck!! Well actually that is his job *laughs*
  • Where is Qhuinn's brother? She says the questions isn't WHERE but WHAT is Qhuinn's brother, then says we will see him again.
  • Coffin's in the closet, what's up with them? She said she thinks it is the original brothers brought over from the old country.
  • What about Lash? We will probably see him again
  • Will Qhuinn and Blay both get the other's name carved into their backs? She will not answer this  directly. She says that laws have to be rewritten and that Saxton is essentially writing the way for Qhuinn and Blay to be together.
  • Will Lassiter get his own book? Yes but she doesn't know if it will be a BDB or FA book.
  • What was your favorite scene in Reborn? She said she has several, one is when Lassiter is standing at the bar singing Or-gasm, Or-gasm. And also when Lassiter brings the Big Mac's at the end. And she likes that Tohr's HEA broke the traditional storyline.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my trip as much as I enjoyed being there. Feel free to ask any questions and I will be happy to answer any that I can.

Happy Reading!! :-)


  1. Thanks so for writing this. What is HEA?? I know it's probably so obvious I'm completely missing it. BDB is a passion of 'mine' as well. Like you, a friend mentioned it and I sorta dissed it at first. Then thought, what the h*ll and downloaded DL. The rest is history. I inhaled them and am now re-reading. I do have the MINE t-shirt (more than one actually). What's your fave book? Every finish one, I say that's my favorite. LR was so emotional; sat on the couch with a box of Kleenex. My husband just downloaded the Phury/Cormia book. He is not quite as obsessed as I am but he's enjoying them. Thanks for the blog!!

    1. HEA= Happily Ever After. My Favorite male is John Matthew...yes I have the shirt to prove it... So I guess I would say his book is my fav. But in reality I think of all the books Rhage's was my first fav, then it was Rehv's and then John Matthew. But JM holds my heart:-)