Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

4.5 Stars

The situation at the London Institute has never been more precarious. With Mortmain and his clockwork army still threatening, the Council wants to strip Charlotte of her power and hand the running of the Enclave over to the unscrupulous and power-hungry Benedict Lightwood.

In the hope of saving Charlotte and the Institute, Will, Jem, and Tessa set out to unravel the secrets of Mortmain’s past—and discover unsettling Shadowhunter connections that hold the key not only to the enemy’s motivations, but also to the secret of Tessa’s identity. Tessa, already caught between the affections of Will and Jem, finds herself with another choice to make when she learns how the Shadowhunters helped make her a “monster.” Will she turn from them to her brother, Nate, who has been begging her to join him at Mortmain’s side? Where will her loyalties—and love—lie? Tessa alone can choose to save the Shadowhunters of London…or end them forever.

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My thoughts; This series has really captured my heart. I fell in love with the Shadowhunter world from the moment I first picked up book one of the Mortal Instruments, City of Bones. I love that even though this series takes place sometime in the 1800's I still have one of my absolute favorite characters there. Magnus Bane. You are once again presented with a love triangle. I find myself really getting bored with the "who do I choose routine", but with this series I am drawn to it. I love both of the boys equally and no matter which one I feel myself leaning toward I can't help but feel hurt at the heartbreak the other will endure when she chooses the other. Jem draws me to him, he is a genuine person, never fake, always sincere. Will is the tortured soul, the one you want to hold and make it all better. Even when he is being a complete arse. Tessa has a tendency to be a little wishy-washy, but I completely understand how she feels so I don't hold it against her. She is a strong woman who holds her friends close, and would do anything it takes to keep them from hurting.
   Now that you know what I love about the Infernal Devices, here is what I dislike. I can't help but feel like Will is just a copy of Jace's character from the MI series. Don't get me wrong, I am madly in love with Jace. I just wish that Will's character could be himself. I will say however, that I did feel Will start to come away from the "Jace-like" qualities and start to develop into his own personality. I can't wait to see where the next book takes us in this story. If you haven't started this series yet, I highly recommend it!!

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  1. Love the review. I will have to check out the book. Looks like good stuff!

  2. :)If you havent read it yet get Clockwork Angel, it's the first book in the series. They are really good