Sunday, January 8, 2012

Envy: A Fallen Angels Novel by JR Ward

 4.5 Stars

As the son of a serial killer, homicide detective Thomas "Veck" DelVecchio, Jr., grew up in the shadow of evil. Now, on the knife-edge between civic duty and blind retribution, he atones for the sins of his father- while fighting his inner demons. Assigned to monitor Veck is Internal Affairs officer Sophia Reilly, whose interest in him is both professional and arousingly personal. And Veck and Sophia have another link: Jim Heron, a mysterious stranger with too many answers... to questions that are deadly. When Veck and Sophia are drawn into the ultimate battle between good and evil, their fallen angel savior is the only thing that stands between them and eternal damnation.

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My Thoughts; I was pleasantly surprised with this installment of the Fallen Angels series. I started the series after reading the BDB series (which I am abso obsessed with) I was mildly disappointed but I soldiered on. I waited a while before reading Envy, or anything new for that matter, got through the holidays and then gave it a shot....
   Thomas DelVecchio, JR is so swoon-worthy that I believe I may have actually fainted at one point. I had moments where I could have choked Reilly, I mean literally "skadoo'd" (Blue's Clues reference for all the Mommy's out there) right into the book and gone totally Boston Strangler on her. But, in the end she pulled her shiz together. Ok enough rambling, I definitely recommend this series, the first two are a little slow for my taste but maybe it is just the feet wetting portion before you can dive right in. And believe me I dove into Envy.

Happy Reading!! :-)

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