Thursday, August 11, 2011

OMG it is down to the last hours!!! Go Zach

 At this moment I am a little bit torn, but the truth is no matter the love I have for Jace and the whole MI series, the thing is (she sighs deeply) I am head over heels, butt crazy in love with Zachary Moore. "Who is Zachary Moore?", you may ask. Well let me just tell you or better yet. Stop what you are doing and cancel all plans you may have for the next two - three days. Drive to the nearest book store and buy "Shade" and "Shift" by Jeri Smith-Ready. I know you will not have time to finish reading before voting is closed but why should you feel as though you have missed out. In the meantime go vote fo Zach because, I promise, you will be sad that you missed it!!! Go Zach

Oh yeah!! Look for "Shine" due out 2012 

The YA Sisterhood: The Grande Finale: Jace vs Zachary (Match #24): "We have reached the final match in the 1st Annual Summer Crushin' Tournament! What started out as a silly, fun thing to try between my siste..."

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