Sunday, November 20, 2011

Taking a Breather.

I have decided that over the Holiday Season I will be doing a few re-reads I have been wanting to do. I am not going to obligate myself to read anything "new" although I may if the urge hits. I have several books on my TBR list that I really wanted to get done before 2011 comes to a close but, if it doesn't happen, NO STRESS! I am really glad I decided to start up this blog, I have had so much fun and wasted so much time where, normally, I could have been catching up on my Beauty Sleep.

So, what will I be doing these next few weeks if not posting reviews?? As I said I have several books I have been wanting to re-read so...

Starting this evening, I am going to be posting Teasers each day. I will pick a favorite line/lines from whichever book I may be reading and I will be posting them. These will be teasers NOT spoilers. Enjoy!

Happy Reading!! :-)

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