Monday, March 19, 2012

Lover Mine by JR Ward (Review...Repost)

Originally posted October 2011
5+ Stars
(Black Dagger Brotherhood book 8)

Darius, a fallen Brother, has returned to the fold with a new identity and a very different destiny. Now, John Matthew, plunged into the heart of war, must face off against evil incarnate-and rescue his one true love.

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My Thoughts; I went into this book with a deep and true dislike of Xhex. John Mathew is by far my favorite of the Brotherhood 2nd only to Zsadist and I might add that it is a very thin separation, but anyway. I really loved the direction this story took. Although I did have to really take a nonjudgmental approach to Xhex. My dislike for her was still strong and it took some major chipping away to get me to the point where I could say "Okay, maybe she isn't so bad." There were a couple of revelations that happened in this book that I'm SO anxious to see where they go. So I am on to the next with great sadness for two reasons. First, now that John Matthew's story has been told, I feel like I will be seeing less of him :( Second, Lover Unleashed is the last one until the next one comes out..... which I have heard will be next year :( :( :(

Happy Reading!!

***Note, MINE, MINE, MINE!!!  I love JM!!! ALOT ;)

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