Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hi everyone.....

I am totally slacking over the holidays. 

I promise to do better but this season has my brain going a million miles and hour.

   That being said, I am going to take a little bit of a breather until the new year. I am going to still post things so, don't worry. I have some cover reveals coming up and I will definitely keep everyone up to date on what I am reading. Also, if I there is any news on the bookish front I will be sharing that too. Be sure to check in and 'like' Selena Lost in Thought's facebook page. That is where most of the sharing happens. (Click the link or you can 'like' right from the widget on the left)

   Also, until the new year I am going to be revisiting some of the books I love. Sharing links to my reviews and if you haven't read them, now will be your chance. 

   Friday will be "Freebie Friday", I will be scouting out the free list on Amazon to see if I can maybe find a hidden gem. I will post the links so you all can try them as well if you like.

   All new reviews will be coming after the New Year so....... Stay Tuned!!!!!

Enjoy your Holidays and Happy Reading!!!

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