Monday, May 21, 2012

Black Dawn by Rachel Caine

3.5 Stars
(Morganville Vampires series Book 12)

When a tide of ferocious draug, the vampire's deadliest enemy, floods Morganville, its eclectic mix of residents must fight to save their town from devastation. Chaos has taken over the quiet college town of Morganville as the threat of the draug rapidly spreads with the help of the city's water system. Whilst most of the locals have already fled, student Claire Danvers and her friends Shane, Eve and Michael choose to stay and fight. Things take a turn for the worse when vampire Amelie, the town's founder, is infected by the master draug's bite. Unless Claire and her friends can find an antidote to save Amelie and overcome the draug, Morganville's future looks bleak... description

My Thoughts; I spent most of this book hoping it would be the end of the series, I know it isn't, but I was hoping just the same. Don't get me wrong love this story and the characters. I would truly hate to see it come to an end. That being said I am starting to worry that Caine will run out of really great story line and the story will just go south. I never want to see this happen. I love these guys way to much.

At the ending of the last book Amelie had been bitten by the master draug and all hope seemed to be lost. At the beginning of this book things were just as bleak. Everyone has taken refuge at Founder's Square and are furiously trying to come up with a plan. They must avoid water at all cost (unless it is bottled) and a monsoon has come to town. You can see how this may pose a problem. Things quickly go from bleak to dire and Claire is fit to be tied. No one including Myrnin, well on second thought ESPECIALLY Myrnin better stand in her way. The story was really good, it had a good tempo and it kept me there with the characters. I am just not in that heart pounding place I was toward the beginning of the series. I still recommend this series to anyone but I just want more, pulse quickening excitement back and I am hoping to get it in October when the next installment is released.

 (I am hopeless when it comes to these characters. I will always want to know what happens next)

Happy Reading!! :-)

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